About Us

APICAL is young, professional, creative and dynamic architectural and interior firm with innovative ideas. We have completed a wide range of architectural planning, constructions, interiors and landscaping design projects,
Our portfolio of works include…

Highly committed in the use of technology, we offer the full scope of design, planning, services design, Project management, and above all capacity to execute all that we design.

Core Competencies

We Value Design-Weaving together beauty, function and permanence, great design captures imaginations, transforms organizations and brings return on capital investments. Design reinvigorates, reinvents and conserves resources. APICAL cultivates the power of design through talent, experience, technical expertise and innovative processes. We place design at the heart of all our thinking and work. 

We Value Learning-APICAL is committed to mastering change as a true learning organization. We create the structure and environment for learning to continually transform our organization. We foster dialogue for inspiration, innovation and personal growth. We thrive in a learning environment that attracts and challenges our talent. We generate and share our research through partnership with universities, agencies and think tanks to accelerate the transfer of ideas, improve outcomes and better prepare for the future.

Core Values

Excellence - Demonstrate compelling design, communication, innovation and teamwork

Responsive Service - Provide to our clients, firm, teams, profession and community

Work Ethic - Serve our clients and staff in a passionate, productive and positive manner

Commitment with Honesty and Integrity - Impart with clients and co-workers, and through our quality of life

Leadership - Exemplify proactive, solution-oriented leadership to our clients and within the firm

No Bureaucracy - Maintain small firm simplicity and quickness with clear, concise and seamless communication

About The Director

Mr. Ankush Nimje Founder & Managing Director Armed with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering & M. Tech in Structural Engineering.

Ankush Nimje started his career as a site engineer in 2010. He found work as an independent contractor & as a sub-contractor in 2012, and He registered APICAL in 2014.

His unwavering dedication with his associates to best quality in all aspects of every project of Interiors, constructions & landscaping (Residential, Commercial, institutional & Industrial ) under APICAL has been a motivational factor for his peers and the source of trust for APICAL loyalists.


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